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Free Consultation
Please contact us to book your FREE 15 minute phone consultation. At which time we can determine if you'd like to book an ACTION PLANNING session or get right to it with HANDS-ON HELP.
schedulenow or call us at 416.997.0730 or email us

Action Planning Session
$225 (+ hst) Chief Organizer/Owner
2 hours on site walk through - plus 1 hour report generation Perfect for a WholeHome™ organizing review or planning a move.

Together, we'll discuss the areas in your home or office you'd like to organize, explore your organizing challenges in detail and then establish your goals as we do a room-by-room, closet-by-closet walk through.

$80/hr (+ hst), Chief Organizer/Owner
3 hour minimum work session

You'll be amazed at what can be accomplished in a short time. Get started today!
For larger projects or tight timelines that require a team, Spot On associates are available: $70/hr for a Senior Organizer/Team Leader. $50 to $65/hr for Junior Organizers/Lead Assistants. (Depending on expertise required). Personal Shopping is available at $50/hr.

Gift Certificates:
$240 (+ hst) Includes 1/2 hour on-site WholeHome™ review + 2 1/2 hour hands-on organizing.
and we will be in touch to schedule your session.

Problems we can begin to Solve in 3 hours:
The Closet Makeover
In 3 hours we’ll: organize shelves, maximize space, create visibility and accessibility. Plus, we'll develop an easy to maintain system. Problems solved, beautifully.

The Office 'n' Desk De-stress
You'll be amazed by what Spot On can do in 3 hours! We'll dive into sorting, purging, and filing, and discuss easy-to-maintain systems. Problems solved, efficiently.

Consult and Result Combo
Includes: 1 hour in-house consultation and 2 hours of hands-on organizing assistance. Problems tackled, together.

The Tax Tamer (ok, we'll probably need 6 hours for this one)
We'll provide the supplies. We'll help sort your receipts (with a smile!). We'll develop an easy to follow plan to help you reach the finish line quicker. We’ll provide simple systems that make sense for you to manage all your personal papers.  Two 3 hour sessions. Paper. No longer a problem.

For a quote on any of our services please feel free to call or email us.



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